Fire Department

A city funded Volunteer Fire Department serves the City of Savannah. The Savannah Volunteer Fire Department has 46 volunteers, a Fire Chief and an Assistant Fire Chief. The city experiences approximately 25-30 fires each year.  A tax supported Rural Fire District serves the area surrounding the city. The two Departments operate on a cooperative basis, sharing equipment and facilities to further fire protection efforts within the community.

The City, through recent updates in the Fire Department and Water System, has obtained a 6 rating from the Insurance Services Organizations. This rating is instrumental in the reduction of insurance rates for property owners within the city. In addition to fighting fires, the Department participates in fire prevention activities for children in the community, provides life saving extraction for automobile accident victims, and a multitude of other public safety functions.

The Fire Department is housed at the fire station at 107 S Highway 71. The volunteers meet twice monthly on Thursday evenings.

Phone: 816 324-7533.